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SOLD! Today’s crazy world makes some want to run away to a simpler time. We hear the stories, read the advertisements of HOMESTEADING and living on your own. Never has a better time come for this acreage to be on the market. 85 acres.! NO ZONING restrictions as you build your home. Perhaps an earth sheltered home or one of many choices that YOU have the right to choose. Speaking of rights… you can shoot your gun on your own acreage, or deer hunt, rabbit or turkey hunt. What makes this property so special is it is NOT in the flood plain and BASICALLY already set up for you to take your dream to the next level! These 85 acres have 1 small pond.There is some acreage which would be pasture or tillable land. The rest are logged woods which harbor deer and other wildlife for the sportsman in you! Lots of firewood can be cut if you choose to heat with wood, although propane and electricity are available heat sources. This property seems to feel out in the middle of nowhere, but it takes only MAYBE a 20-minute drive to get to Hardinsburg where you will find a hospital, WalMart and groceries among other amenities.Leitchfield Kentucky is about a 20-minute drive the opposite direction as you would head to the Western Kentucky Parkway. Think that is too long a wait to get to a hospital? Only minutes away is the AIR AMBULANCE you can sign up for and this farm has plenty of room to land and sweep you or a loved one away in the event of an emergency. Not far from the Rough River State Resort Park where recreation can be found in the way of boating, fishing, swimming, jet skiing or just skiing or wakeboarding. Many opportunities for employment depending on your skill set and what YOU CHOOSE to do. Don’t want to build your home right away or it will take too long? Want to get in RIGHT NOW and leave the craziness behind? NO ZONING allows YOU to bring in a modular, camper, RV, single wide or double wide mobile home. This is a great place to be if you do NOT want to be told you can’t…. Not ready to move off just yet? Lease the crop ground or have your own cattle and make this a hunting retreat! Move to the land of YOU CAN and leave the YOU CAN’Ts behind in the crowded urban areas. It is HIGHLY doubtful you would ever have to fear a riot coming to this area… but as the world changes you have options if you own this land. REAL DEAL REALTY offers the homes and land that make DREAMS COME TRUE! Deliver your family to a simpler way of life with clean air and room to ride your 4-wheelers or horses. Don’t Delay and “DO A DEAL WITH DOTTIE!” TODAY! 270-668-3731 You’ll be glad you did!

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3890 HWY 110


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